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December 2013

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I am unwinding; I am progressively becoming completely relaxed. I’m breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly. Nothing worries me; Angela, a good friend of mine, is talking a lot about her problems while I write this, and although I feel for her I do let her problems infect me with stress and worry (because I need to maintain my peace and calm state of mind so that my contentedness will rub off onto her.) My breathing, deep and slow; peace and tranquility resonate through my body; I let any thoughts that pop into my mind remain momentarily and then they float away with the natural mystic breeze which flows through my body and mind. I love life; I love all things; I am deeply grateful to God for everything I have. I am thankful most of all for the hardships and difficulties I experience in life, for I know that they mould my character into the good and godly person that I am progressively becoming. I am so content with every aspect of my lot in life. The die has been cast, my fate is sealed, and I am completely happy. Poor Angela, so many experiences of pain in life; even right now, her body is in pain, and I can tell she is emotionally unstable and vulnerable. I don’t know what to do for her; the only thing I can do is to just be myself and for me to remain calm and happy while empathizing and sympathizing with her. God, I pray that Angela will have deep contentment and happiness within the immediate future. I hope she and I will laugh and be happy. I love life and I have so many good times ahead of me, and so does Angela, and I will accept with grace and dignity any hardship that I must go through and I pray that Angela may do the same. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ; amen.