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December 2013

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I went to get some teeth whitening material at Wal-mart (I ended up spending 50$ for a wide range of quality teeth whitening product,) and there was this really cute girl at the cashier station who rang me up. Next time I go in, I am going to ask for her number and see if she wants to hang out sometime (maybe have a glass of wine together?) I am not really interested in sex (at least not until I have known her for a few months,) so we can just hang out and have fun without being nervous about stuff like: Will it lead to sex? Does he just want sex? Ohmygod is it about sex? I mean really I don’t even enjoy sex with someone unless I genuinely like them, and I totally respect women more than most men I know; at the same time, once I start a relationship with a girl I am not afraid to take control and be really manly in all respects (including sex) while at the same time being cognizant of her needs and non-spoken wants and desires. That is all for now.


Sounds good.

Definitely ask for her number, maybe take her to a movie or dinner (or both!)
I am going to ask for her number this week!! I will take her out to dinner and I think for a glass of wine so it removes any awkwardness and we will talk more (before I suggest that I want to have some wine I will drop subtle hints so she knows I plan on going back to my own place afterwards and do not have any aspirations to try anything; i.e. I'm not just trying to get her drunk or anything, but she seems older and mature so she can probably tell I am genuine and honest.) So I'm thinking we will walk around the nice downtown area and have some wine and perhaps dinner if we feel inclined!?!??!? WOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Oooh, got your mind on a really cute girl?! Go for it!

I think your attitude toward intimacy is very evolved.
Yes, she is very cute and I want to get to know her! She seems my age (early twenties) or she may be a few years older, so perhaps will be more laid back and enjoy the finer aspects of life (wine, taking walks, moderate workouts, eating healthy, not living with alot of stress-inducing drama.)

Thank you for complimenting my attitude on intimacy! I purposely try to evolve and develop it!

I hope you are doing great! Have a beautifully wonderful day!
Ahhh. The best men I've known share your attitude about sex. Very good, sir. Very good.

Good luck with the cutie. :3 You seem like a charmer, so I don't think you need luck, but still.
I like you. I always tell boys I have a boyfriend even if I'm single, so I don't have to worry about Ohmygod is it about sex? It's the perfect way to weed people out. If they still want to do hang out when they think I'm in a relationship, I know that they actually just want to hang out and have fun.